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Sir Peter Blake releases the London Suite limited edition prints


The collage work of Sir Peter Blake has finally made it to his hometown, with the official launch of the London Suite limited edition prints.

It is the latest step off point for the World Tour series, mixing postcard views with an assortment of Blake's own imagery - found photographs, engravings, second-hand book illustrations, vintage book cut-outs - you get the idea.

Specifically, you'll find Westminster Abbey being overrun with animals, Piccadilly Circus swarming with comic book superheroes, and the Thames crowded with an eccentric collection of vessels reminiscent of the river’s Jubilee display. Unique and eye-catching art that's likely to be snapped up by collectors in no time at all.

You can buy the prints individually, with signed silkscreen prints signed by the artist available from £1,800. Alternatively, if you have the money to spare and want to make a serious investment, you can secure a set of 10 prints for £18,000. More images below or pick them up from Art Republic.

Find out more at the Art Republic website


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